Friday, October 30, 2009


I have been struggling to get over this sickness. We were told by the nurse it was Swine Flu but they aren't running the tests anymore so we can't be sure. The whole thing is so frustrating, how do we know the extent of this flu if no one is getting tested?! Besides my lingering fatigue (this is my third week) it was pretty mild for us so I hope we had it and now can be done! That being said it's been hard for me to work as much as I'd like on the quilt and I miss it : (

The days before Halloween were dedicated to my costume and it's been much easier then past years. This year we are going as Scooby Doo characters I am Velma. In past years I have made a full body spandex wrestlers costume for my husband, Olivia the pig for me, Marie Antoinette skirt with my sister in-law, Woody, and Dog costumes for my kids, oh yes and the cape for Super Petra. Halloween is definitely our family's favorite holiday and my with my sister it's even bigger. I think part of the reason I love Halloween is the creativity behind decorating and making costumes.When people ask me how long I have been sewing or where I learned to sew it goes back to making costumes with my Mom. I still remember the year she made me a ballerina costume and now I know how hard working with that tulle must have been for her. One of the first costumes we really made together was the year I was a clown. We made a green and blue clown costume with pom poms and brickabrack. I must have been in 3rd grade. These days with my kids and the huge choice of costumes available I have not been able to make one for them for a few years. There are some costumes that really make more sense to buy but I look forward to the day I can make costumes with both of my kids and they can learn how to sew.

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Anonymous said...

The cutest revival of Velma Dinkley anyone would imagine. Great picture, Halloween was really fun this year.