Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finished the Quilting!

Finally finished the quilting yesterday with special thanks to the new magic chair. Ok well I am not sure how the chair helped but the quilting was so much easier and compared to my earlier efforts on this one the quilting was like night and day.

Detail of front quilting

Front of Cecilia's Quilt

The back detail above shows the heavier Amy Butler fabric that is the backing. When I was first having issues with my tension I thought it was due to the heavier fabric but that wasn't the case. I have started on cutting the binding and I think I will do the double fold technique again but try hand stitching the front.
In much better spirits!
Creative Mom

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I should have known it was my chair all along!

Of course it would be my chair causing the tension problems with my quilt and thanks to my husbands thoughtful Christmas gift, a beautiful Knoll chair, I can now quilt like crazy. Here is the amazing chair and I have had an easy breezy hour of quilting YAY! The gift was really a surprise which has been tough for my husband to pull off in the past ex. the surprise party of 1998 and flying my good friend up for my 40th! Yes I knew and I am checking to see if you are reading my blog, stop leaving your laptop open with sensitive emails on it. My sister helped with the seat fabric choice and I now have great lumbar support and adjustable arm rests so they don't get in the way of sewing. I am also typing this at my large drafting table not sitting in a little chair with my computer on my lap.
This miraculous tension resolution might not last but for now I am taking advantage of it and making a lot of progress on Cecilia's quilt. I'll be posting a picture of the finished quilting soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back to the Holiday Cheer

How is it December already?! We got home from our trip and I have been down in the studio sewing but today I think about how to continue with all of the holiday activities happening. Last weekend we decorated, visited Santa, and took the kids to see A Christmas Carol for the first time. This weekend was our holiday party and next weekend my husband will be 40! So please don't think I am out of the picture I am just trying to........

That is my old post started weeks ago and never finished. My husbands Birthday weekend was just last weekend and we went to Mt Hood. The weekend before that we had a big Holiday Party at our house. Now that we're back I feel like I have been in the SpongeBob episode where he is instructed to forget everything that doesn't apply to fine dining and he can't even remember his name. I was in super Christmas mode taking care of the party, the Christmas cards, the presents, and my husbands 40th. All the while I did get down to my studio and worked on Cecilia's quilt (which has been a constant battle with my machines tension but that requires it's own post) and it was my blogging that suffered. I am happy to be emerging from my all consumed Christmas state and excited to finish Cecilia's quilt and get back to blogging!