Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Again!

For all my talk in my last post I have spent most of my time on auction stuff the last two weeks. The first big auction deadline has passed now so I will have a little more time. The big news is I finished the quilt yesterday!! I have lots of photos to share....

It's finished!

Heart and embroidery detail, I love all the stitch variations.

Bird detail

Tree detail

I had a lot of fun learning some new embroidery stitches on this quilt and I am getting much better at the back stitch. Upon request I even made a little embroidered raccoon headband for my son which after wearing around for awhile he said "This is so awesome! It makes me feel like a super hero" what more could I ask for!

I am looking forward to sending this quilt to Cara but it is kind of sad finishing the last quilt of the five. I still have to figure a little more out about about where to go next but I know I will still be quilting and not just because everyone keeps having babies but because I really enjoy it! For now I have committed to making a quilt for the auction so that is the next project. The quilt will be made with scraps from all the quilts I have done and maybe combining a few different patterns I am still working on a design.

Another important matter is what to call my blog now?? Any ideas? I would be happy to hear them.

Creative Mom

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sacha said...

i love this one!!! i want to replicate it.