Monday, March 1, 2010

Quilt #5

I have started the final quilt in my project. I think I'll have to change the name of my blog soon but that will have to come later. This quilt is for little baby Callia, not to be confused with Kalya Mommy to Karsyn who's quilt I just finished. She is my friend Cara's new baby. Cara was my first friend in Portland when I moved here in '93. Although she has moved away to a few different places and now lives in Alaska whenever we talk it's like we live down the street from each other and I am so happy for her!

As I mentioned in my last post all of the quilts have had such different personality's and this one especially. It involves more appliqués and embroidery then the others and has a wonderfully simple design and color palette.

Fly Away Home by Julie Knoblock

I started machine appliquéing the pieces on over the weekend and have just started embroidering the bird on the cream circle which will then be attached to the front. The pattern called for felt for the tree, cream circle, and small gold ovals but I was concerned about washability and decided to use fleece instead. The fleece has worked really well and will be softer for a baby to lay on. All of the appliqué is backed with a fusible interfacing which is making it a little stiff at the moment but it will soften up with washing. This quilt has been so different from the last having irregular details and a playful quality I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Creative Mom

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carabou said...

I'm just now making it to your blog. Wow! You've been busy Creative Mom! We love this quilt and have it on the wall at the moment. I think it will move to Callie's bed at some point. So lucky to have a friend like you who would send such a thoughtful gift :-)