Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I love my Laundry Room

I have been busy busy with auction stuff but have been wanting to share this for a few weeks it's my laundry room! My husband and I have been slowly working on fixing the laundry room up for a while now and we finally did a big push last month. We are in phase 3 now and I am hoping there will be no phase 4 but I don't know if I can stop my husband...

In phase 1 we had ripped out all the big inefficient cabinets and old sink and had to have some plumbing replaced in the floor. We also had a wall framed out with a doorway.

In phase 2 my husband built a wine cellar and two closets. One for the laundry room and one that is attached to my studio. This photo is after we put in the new floor.

Phase 3 he framed out a wall to install new cabinets on

The new floor and cabinets
Here it is all done! The far wall is what my husband would like to be phase 4, he wants to cover it with tile I would be ok with just painting it either way the new space makes me happy!

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Ed said...

No phase 4? Come on!