Sunday, August 1, 2010


Finished and ready to go to Tulsa!
Considering how long this quilt took me to start it wrapped up pretty quickly. The quick turn method I mentioned in my last post was really quick and I would recommend it for new quilters that aren't ready to tackle binding. 
 The quilting part of this piece was fun. The pattern called for you to quilt on the seams but the close ups in the book showed that it wasn't quilted that way, another mistake in the pattern.The quilting actually looked like random lines all over the place. I decided to vertically quilt lines but not perfectly spaced and then I did more random lines horizontally sometimes stair stepping or making other shapes. 

I will be starting a new quilt today but will be met with the same challenges of do I make time for myself when the kids are home all day and just want me to entertain them?! This is a big question that I have only answered by working at night or for short periods in the morning when the kids actually manage to play together. Any suggestions are welcome! 

Another question crossing my mind is what about my fine art and the drawings I have been imagining in my head? I am loving quilting and making these for friends who I cherish but I am ending up with self imposed or due date inspired deadlines. I want these to be finished on time for my friends and then I have to choose quilt or draw? Quilt or blog? Quilting has been winning and then what about everything else? 

Creative Mom