Monday, December 20, 2010

Give and Get Swap Update

I am back from a fun overnight for my husband's Birthday. Wine tasting in the Willamette Valley and delicious food at Thistle, which had this amazing thistle wallpaper and really good food. Now I am home to finishing up bags for the Green Grocery Bag Challenge and getting those last minute gifts taken care of. 

As promised I have an update from our last PMQG meeting which included a potluck and the Give and Get swap. I was excited about the exchange and was hoping my recipient would like her gift. After checking out her blog I decided to make her a quilted circular knitting needle holder as she is a big knitter as well as a quilter. 

The tie I was planning on making didn't work out but I love my last minute fix. I used 1/4" elastic and sewed a square where the ends connected.

The whole piece measures 15 1/2 X 9 1/2" each section is a little mini quilt.

Inside are three pockets for needles and a little pocket for scissors.
Please be kind on my free-motion quilting, I am very rusty but the stretch sateen would have shown too much if I tried to rip it out.

Stay tuned for the amazing gift I received. I have to do it justice with a good photo.

p.s. if you want to see more from our swap check it out here we have quite a creative group.


Nicole said...

So, I was curious how the cupcakes turned out for you? You probably got my reply too late, but I hope you like them.
I love the fabric combinations you use in your quilts. Happy Holidays to you.

Creative Mom said...

NIcole, I am at a loss can you refresh my memory?

Nicole said...

Hey, no problem. You had left a comment about using a food processor instead of an immersion blender on my Blueberry Cupcakes post. Here is the link:

Nicole said...

Oh, and I was going to ask if your old friend was Cara Hollingsworth?

Creative Mom said...

Weird that comment was from Carabou, my friend Cara Brunk, not my comment now I am really confused.

Nicole said...

She must have used the link to your blog when she left the comment. I was wondering about that as well. Just figured you had two profiles. Well, I hope your friend liked her cupcakes. Sorry for the confusion.

Jennifer Tiana said...

Love your voice on the blog. Your commentary helps lift a veil of mystery off creativity that exists for me. The veil makes it impossible fro me to imagine doing things as you and other fine arts folks do.