Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Again!

We made it back in one piece and I have been settling back into a summer routine. The trip was wonderful and I plan to do a real post on it with some pictures soon. This is just a get reacquainted and let you all know what I have been up to. 

First it has just been all about getting over jet lag and getting the kids settled back in. This is the first week they have been in a camp so I have actually had a little time for myself everyday. Unfortunately there will be no more camps until the third week of August so I have to figure out a way to carve some time out for myself in the meantime. This week though I have managed to be back in the studio and it's been great.

The top just finished!
This is the All Lined Up quilt I started before we left on the trip but all pieced together. It is also from the Quilt's Baby book but it has to be the worst written pattern of all time. I hate to put down the book because I have loved everything I have made from it but the editor really missed something to let this pattern get in the way it is. The issue has to do with the colors of fabric to buy and how to combine them all into the stripes. It's maddening! I am trying to let go of all of that and not put it into the quilt because I love the look of the quilt. I did manage to get it together but the whole process took so much extra time and work. 
This is the first quilt I have made that doesn't have binding it's a quick turn quilt. This means you stack the batting with the backing on top and then the top of the quilt face down on the backing. Sew all around leaving a hole then turn the whole thing inside out. It sounds so easy I am scared it really wont be. 

Creative Mom