Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Back!

School started and there was a whirlwind of activity. Hello darkness my old friend keeps playing in my head and that darkness is procrastination. It's not really as bad as that sounds but it's hard to deny I was avoiding my blog. I have been trying to figure out where the blog will go now that my initial project has passed. I have realized I love quilting and while it was a tool to get me doing something creative again quilting is more then just a tool to me. I have also realized though that I don't want to just blog about quilting I want to blog about lice, well not really I hope I never have to blog about that again but I want to blog about life also. 

 Some things on the horizon are....

 Two more quilts YAY! I will be starting the first next week.

 I am making Gluten-free pasta tomorrow from the new Gluten-Free Girl and Chef cookbook. If you haven't checked out Shauna's blog yet or her previous book both are amazing. Her new cook-book has some great gluten-free recipes (14 that pertain specifically to gluten-free items) but the other 86 are just for anyone that loves great food.

 I am still planning a post on our Europe trip but it's been hard to wrap my brain around that one.

 The first in a series of "Quilts Where are They Now and the Babies That Love Them". I will start with Felix who received the Peekaboo quilt the second quilt in the original five.

Notice the drool on the quilt : )

Felix will be 1 year old in December. He started crawling early challenging
 his parents to baby proof their cool eclectic house.
My daughter Lily has been home sick for two days and it looks like she'll be home tomorrow. It's delayed my trip to the fabric store but it's been nice to have some time just the two of us although I hate seeing her sick.

Next up Gluten-free ravioli!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It's about time but I have been doing some drawing! I have loved it and after school starts next week I will have more time in the studio. Now to figure out how to blog about this it's a little different then quilting but I am trying to work it out.

Creative Mom