Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Club

I don't think it's come up that I love love love books. I read every night for too long and end up staying up way too late. Every 4 to 6 weeks I attend a book club. I have been a member now for a little more then two years and the group itself (Trish correct me if I am wrong) has been together for 11 or 12! I really feel like I weaseled my way in and it is one of the best things I ever did. I met a friend of a friend at the gym and we started talking about books. One day she mentioned a new book she was starting to read for her book club, that my friend was also a member of, and I immediately said "I've been looking for a book club can I join yours?" or something along those lines. Thankfully the answer was yes and I was lucky enough to join this amazing group.The thing I love about the group is the women. They all do different things we have teachers, business women, kids, no kids, it's just a very interesting group of women I never would have met. We also have the best balance of catching up, drinking wine, eating, and wonderful discussions about books.
I would like to start sharing our monthly picks with you all and maybe a follow up post if anyone is interested. Each month the host of the group picks our next book to read. This results in a great variety of books from Twilight (yes I am a big fan!) to Hot, Flat, and Crowded. This month our pick is by Mindy and we are reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. It is a memoir about the relationship and then friendship between Patti Smith who became a rock star and Robert Mapplethorpe who became a famous and controversial Artist.

I can't wait to start this one.



Teje said...

Hello Petra! I love love love books! Your croup sounds wonderful! My difficulty is that I'm Finnish living in Greece - not much Finnish books to read. Fortunately we have lots of books with Finnish ladies living here, but it's not enough when someone wants to read every day! I read also Greek but it's not the same...
Enjoy your croup and BOOKS!!!

Andrea Pramuk said...

Women and wine is always a good thing! This book looks rad, I may check it out too.....thanks for the rec :).

Creative Mom said...

Thanks for the comments.
Teje you should start your own book club!
Andrea let me know if you read it. I'll do a little post when I announce our next book.