Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Year

I have been trying to figure out a post for the new year but it has been challenging. Last years post was so easy. I think this is because my creative world has been changing. At the beginning of 2010 I was at a loss for what to do with my drawing and painting and I now have ideas bubbling over. My 5 quilts that originally started this blog have long gone by. Now I have found a whole community of quilters and bloggers with exciting and inspiring work of their own but I am still finding my place there. The exciting part of this is I still want to be in the studio sewing all of the time and I am not sure where this will take me in 2011.
My husband gave me a blogging book for Christmas and a URL of my own with promises to be my web lackey, just a little bit of pressure! I have misgivings about making big changes to the simple little blog I have going here but was already feeling like the title of my blog should change. As my husband says I definitely have my creativity. The URL that he came up with is Sew, Paint, Create very nice but also already another blogspot blog. I can change the title of my blog to Quilts to Painting which is my instinct or choose a new title altogether. Will it affect my blog to change the title?? I figure the New Year would be the time to make this change but I am nervous about it. What do you think?  

 I do have a few New Years resolutions
  • Do more creative things with my children, I have only scratched the surface with my two creative wonders!
  • Put up a design wall, no more laying blocks on the floor and standing on chairs to take pictures!
  • Organize Organize Organize, while my studio gets that attention on a regular bases our office and photos are a mess.
  • Get more involved in Flickr, I feel like it's a piece of the puzzle I am missing. 
  • Design more of my own quilts!
I went back and reviewed my year in quilts and I finished 7! 
  1. The Ladybug Quilt
  2. Fly Away Home Quilt
  3. Providence Montessori Auction Quilt
  4. Blowing Bubbles Quilt
  5. All Lined Up Quilt
  6. Intersection Quilt 
  7. Ticker Tape Quilt 
I noticed when looking back in these posts I mentioned way back in March that I should change the title of my blog so I guess it's about time.  

For my group of followers and visitors thank you for reading and I hope your New Year is full of Joy and Adventure!



Teje said...

Happy New Year to you! I think your husband was wonderful by giving you that present and supports your work! Congratulations!
I love to visit your blog and see your lovely crafts!
Wishes from Crete! Teje

Andrea Pramuk said...

Happy New Year Petra! I think both your quilts and your blog is fabulous :). I just put a link to your blog on my page too. I've been going through a lot of the same issues and had a small recommendation. I've used both Flickr and Picasa now and find that Picasa is better for artwork because of the picture quality and resolution on screen, ease of use. Also, it is connected to Blogger, so when you add pictures or slideshows into your blog, it's almost a seamless process. Yes, I said, "seamless" without even thinking, lol! Best of luck to you, a pat on the back from an old pal :).