Friday, January 21, 2011

Ticker Tape Pillowcases

I briefly mentioned the little gift bag substitutes I was making for my sons sleepover birthday party but I love them so much I had to share the final product. The idea came about as something to put items in for the goody bags but also a little pillowcase protection. After all we were staying in a hotel that kids frequent and had bunk beds in the rooms very similar to the hotel lice incident of 09 so I was having some flashbacks. 
I planned on using some extra flannel to make pillowcases but I ran out of time so it was off to Target. I ended up buying the ultra soft variety which were $7.99 for two and they are sooo soft. There were four boys and Lily so I chose white for her and light blue for the boys.
I had a lot of scraps for Lily's case but Avery was consulted on his design.He picked out the cute flannel with the trucks.To me it was so sweet because I had made a robe for him out of it 5 years ago and now he's 10.
Even though you have to keep the pillowcase out of the way while you are sewing they are really easy to make. Each one took about 20 minutes but I was being a little finicky about fabric choice. I decided not to pre-wash the cases so they would shrink up a little more and give more texture to the scrap fabric. I also initialed all the pillowcases so the boys could keep better track at the party and that really helped when we were trying to pack every thing up in the morning. Imagine swimming cake, candy, boys, and bunk beds and you know the place was pretty hectic.

It was a fun party but hopefully Lily can wait four more years until she is ten to want the same thing.

Pétra (Creative Mom)


Andrea Pramuk said...

1. Have you ever considered writing a book about these pillow cases and 2. Are these original designs that you could potentially sell to a manufacturer as a "collection"? 3. They are so cool. I only ask because I think you have really good design and fashion sense. These have huge potential as a line of linens in different styles/colors for say Ikea or even small shops that sell handmade/organic linens. There are a bunch of places like that here in Austin, I would guess there's a bunch in Portland too. Ok, I've had too much coffee, LOL! Nice work Petra!

Creative Mom said...

Ha I know that coffee frenzy! Thank you for the support, I don't know if I am ready for a book but it would be fun some day.