Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space...

Today I had a fun trip to Ikea. It's somewhere we all love to go and I haven't been in awhile. My sister had to return a shelf and I have been wanting to look at fabric. They have some very cool home dec. fabrics that I have been eyeing to reupholster a chair with. You know in all my free time I'll just learn to reupholster and do it, that project has been on the back burner for awhile. This trip I was looking with quilting in mind. I found a nice duvet cover I could use as backing for a future quilt so I am mulling that over. 
 I have been wanting to work more on my photography so I spent the morning online. I found a great tutorial by Christina on The Sometimes Crafter. Considering I learned how to develop film and prints in elementary school, then took classes in high school,and then was required to take photography again in art school I have retained very little. I can attribute it to the wild times at art school but I think it's just my Mommy brain and age catching up with me. Using my husbands DSLR camera has been the biggest challenge too because it's so different from the old school film cameras I had always used. The tutorial that Christina put together is just what I needed to jog my memory so I can fix my lighting issues. I work in our finished basement with minimal natural light and environmentally friendly fluorescent lighting yuck! 
Here are two photos the second I took after adjusting the white balance on my camera for fluorescent lighting.

Taken with all auto settings. 

Taken with some settings auto, some manual, and white balance on. 

Still needs a little work. After editing in iphoto it looks much better but I would love to do less editing. Which photo looks best on your monitor? 

The scrappy pile of binding will hopefully be on the quilt tonight and I will be moving onto the Sisters quilt!

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Pétra (Creative Mom)


anotheryarn said...

Probably the third - the first is fine, but very much looks like it was taken under artificial light conditions, the second looks... overexposed? (that description might not be technically correct - the white is too white the bright green seems washed out), the third is about right. Of course, my eyes are not trained in the "disection" of photographs.

Christina said...

I think the first looks the most natural. I use to have to take my photos in the basement, too. Not the best spot for photos. I found myself taking my stuff upstairs during the day. But I think the custom white balance setting would be just the trick for a basement! Also, if you can find a floor lamp that has directional lighting, you could point it towards the ceiling to help you get more light where you need it (reflecting back down). The photos look great! Sometimes all we need is a little memory jog. I took a lot of photo classes in school/college and find that I fall back on a lot of what I learned even now. Imagine that, school that was actually useful! :)