Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Creative Space...

It's a snow day in Portland translation an inch of wet snow which melts off by noon and the kids are home all day.We have also had my very pregnant sister and her family staying at the house for the past two days so she can get to the hospital when labor starts. They live at a higher elevation and can get iced in very easily. So needless to say I have not made it down to the studio today but I am hoping to soon. I have been having so much fun with my new quilt that I am always jonesing to sneak away for a few minutes but haven't been able to.
 So to be fare to Portland Public Schools it did just start snowing again although the kids would have been home from school by now. Hopefully they will have a play date and I can squeeze in a little sewing time. 

Sorry it's not a very Creative Space today but I am trying!
 Pétra (Creative Mom)


Teje said...

Hello! You have exiting time while waiting with your sister! Good luck to her and lovely weekend for all of you! Teje

Creative Mom said...

Thank you Teje. My sister had her baby that night I'll do a little post!