Saturday, March 12, 2011

Liebster Love

I received a Liebster award! If you haven't heard of it it's an award given to a blog with under 100 to 300 followers to show appreciation of what your doing and help recognize us little blogs out there. Kate over at Needle and Spatula passed one on to me. I first found Kate's blog when I was doing the Green Grocery Bag Challenge and she had a great tutorial for a bag.
 Besides her sewing Kate blogs about food and posts yummy recipes. Part of receiving a Liebster is passing it along to 3-5 blogs you read. My husband suggested I pass it along to him for his blog but I said he actually had to start posting or I wouldn't do it so no Liebster for you. 

My first Liebster goes to Sacha the creator of June-Bug and Beila-Bot and Popi too! She blogs about her Urban farm in Tulsa (yes I am an Okie) her daughters, her fabric love which is channeled into clothing and crafts, and her Monday trips to Anthropologie. I love her sense of style, her photography, her appreciation for food, and her daughters are just so cute.

Sacha and her girls in their nesting doll Halloween costumes that she made!

Sacha has a great tutorial for this skirt on her blog and she made the doll as well. 

My other Liebster awards will be passed on soon. In the meantime I am hosting a party tonight and getting ready to start another quilt, oh yes and it's auction time again.

Pétra (Creative Mom)

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Kate said...

Fun! I will have to check out these blogs :)