Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Creative Space...

It's about transition today. I am hand finishing the binding on the Sisters quilt which usually is accomplished while I watch television, last night was Top Chef.This means I am finally ready to move onto the next quilt but I do have to pay attention to my sadly neglected studio. I hate sharing my mess with you but this is my creative space at the moment.

My mess isn't usually this bad but I have been working on a fun project with my kids and I didn't do my usual between quilts cleanup. I can't even put the picture up of my stash because it hurts too much. Here's my space in better times. 

Part of my transition right now is changing my space around a little which is always exciting. It's about time for a little spring cleaning. 

The fun project with my kids has been making Angry Birds. My son is obsessed! I tried to explain to him yesterday as he begged to sew for a few minutes before bed that I knew exactly how he felt. It went something like this. 
 "You know how you are feeling about working on your Angry Bird?That is how I have felt all day about working on my quilt. I haven't had one chance to because I had to run errands and then spend time doing homework with you and visiting Lydia (my sisters new baby) sometimes it just doesn't work out to sew and you have to be patient."
 Add a preachy Mom intonation to this and then he responded with..
  "Ok but can we just go sew for 5 minutes? Pleasssse" 
Here is the first finished pig.

This is all thanks to a tutorial from Obsessively Stitching. Conveniently Cara has just put together all the tutorials so they are easy to find. Today we will be finishing up my daughters pig and my son will be sewing together the little blue bird. It's so fun to be able to sew with them because it was sewing with my Mom that started this whole thing for me.

Check out more spaces here.

Pétra (Creative Mom)

p.s. I got a Liebster! I'll be sharing more about that soon.


Care said...

Yay! Your piggie looks fantastic! :o)

(My son is the same way when he has a project he wants to work on -- it's hard for all of us, isn't it!)

sewkatiedid said...

I just did a big clean up too. The place seems to explode by the time a quilt is done.

Creative Mom said...

It looks like I might have to do a mini clean and get right on the next one, I am behind on projects.

Creative Wishes said...

Your creative space doesn't look too out of control. I don't actually have a craft room, so stuff everywhere. Love the piggy.

Creative Mom said...

It is nice to have your own space to get messy. The other side was so bad I really couldn't put that picture up.
We finished the bluebird I'll put it up soon.