Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a busy week!

It's been auction time around here.This year I took a step back and didn't take on a larger roll, I think after six years I needed a break.Somehow though last week had me busy wrapping up some auction things including the quilt I donated.Here it is all finished. 

The back ended up a little busy but I love the two color ways of print side by side it makes me think of old wallpaper.

I love the Sugar Pop Braid print as binding, sorry the photo isn't better I didn't think to take a close up before I delivered it to the auction.This is the multi color but it comes in some single colors as well I might just have to get a little more of this.

So many other things were going on last week as well...
  • My cute little Niece Cecilia turned two! Photos next post.
  • I started exercising again after letting my shoulder injury slow me down for too long.
  • Had drinks with kids tv celebrity Chris Kratt and got to see my husband in work mode so fun.
  • Great lunch with a good friend for her birthday.
  • Lots of life stuff I wont bore you with. 

 Needless to say the house looks like it's been ransacked. Wouldn't it be nice if when we're busy the rest of the family thought to pick up after themselves?I am looking forward this week to getting a little uncluttered energy in the house and working on some fun swaps coming up!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

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sewkatiedid said...

This turned out really cute. I love how minimalist it is.