Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space...



I finally cleaned up before starting the auction quilt! My stash looks so much smaller all tidied up I might have to add a little to it. 
I have been experimenting with my Sugar Pop charm pack and came up with this little arrangement.

I want this quilt to have a lot of negative space in it I think as a reaction to all the piecing in my last quilt. It's hard to see up on the design wall but there's a little border of the background fabric around each large block. I wanted the crosses to extend past the charms.The background color will be a very light green, Kona Pale Mint.I am going to futz with the layout a little more and then put it all together.

My studio mates are being a little loud and frisky today I think it's due to the sun we've been waiting for.

Kootoyoo is taking a school holiday for two weeks and she'll be back hosting My Creative Space April 28th. Check out everyone's post's this week and we'll pick up again at the end of the month.  

Pétra (Creative Mom)


RamonaX said...

I loved your last quilt because of the negative space... and it's had me thinking for weeks. The new layout is HOT! Love the Kona Pale Mint ~ great choice :)

Teje said...

Hi Petra! Your new quilt if going to be beautiful! When you have everything in so good order it's great to start to work! You have wonderful studio assistants!