Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carefree in AZ

It's taken me a week to get back into the swing of things but I am back! I was in Carefree, Arizona for 10 days of sunny bliss. Carefree is a little town outside of Scottsdale where my Granny built a house  in 1973 and I have been going there ever since. It is one of my favorite places ever partially because I love the desert but mainly because I was so close to my Granny and our family has had such great times there. 

My husband and I have always encouraged each other to have time away for ourselves but it had been awhile for me and I didn't realize how much I needed it! The first five days in Carefree I was with five wonderful girlfriends from all different parts of my life.We were joined by Kristi, who is also a close friend, my soon to be married sister-in-law getting ready for her wedding. Some of the women had never met and some only briefly but the combination of us all really worked and we had such a great time. Even though I could sleep in everyday for some reason I woke up early and then sat around talking and drinking coffee until lunch, it was heaven! There were walks, pool time, lots of good food, and especially lots of laughing.I feel so lucky to have so many great women in my life thank you all for joining me!

After all of my friends flew back to their lives Kristi and I had a nice dinner and ran some wedding errands before the family descended. Portland, Houston, Sacramento, Massachusetts, and India everyone flew in to be a part of Nathaniel and Kristi's wedding.I have some photos but they don't hold a candle to the beautiful photos taken by Stacie and Geoff of Lang Photography.
All photos by Lang Photography

Kristi looked beautiful and Nathaniel was handsome. My husband officiated the wedding ceremony with his usual wit and humor. Lily was the flower girl and Avery the ring bearer. After a wonderful dinner the outdoor party lights came on and we started playing cornhole, yes that's right we are addicted. At one point in the evening I was getting a chiropractic adjustment under the stars while my uncle played the accordion, I can't wait to see those pictures. All of the people and quirkiness led to a magical event and I am so happy for Nathaniel and Kristi I love you both!! 

Pétra (Creative Mom)