Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hipstamatic Fun

Throughout my blog and on other blogs you have seen some Hipstamatic prints. Hipstamatic is an app for your iPhone that has different "lenses" and "films" you can mix and match to produce photos with a vintage and quirky feel. I love playing around with it and while you can't always use the app to really photograph a quilt it's great for other things. I decided the other day to randomly mix the lenses and films and take some photos of the flower I put in my post on Friday which was taken with my Nikon DSL.

Lens John S  Film Ina's 1935

Lens Salvador 84  Film DreamCanvas

Lens John S  Film Pistil

Lens Lucifer Vl  Film Blanko
 These are all low definition photos but with the iphone 4G you can get them in high definition as well.

Lens John S  Film Ina's 1935
This is a photo of my 6" block for the Portland Modern Quilters Guild.We are making a banner for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show that we'll have an exhibit in. I had fun making the block it's my first time doing 1" squares and I am so excited to go to the Sisters show for the first time!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

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Anonymous said...

can you import the DSL pics into the iPhone at the original DSL res???
- geeky dad