Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Love for Spray Basting Take 2

Just for Quilt Class 101 I wanted to talk about spray basting again. Yes I still love it! Here is the way I do it. As with Bec I line up my quilt back right side down to the edges of my flooring. I tape all the way around alternating sides to keep the quilt evenly stretched. Then I spray an even layer of spray onto the fabric and carefully lay my batting down smoothing it out to the edges. If you get a wrinkle it's easy to lift up and reposition. Next spray the batting with an even coat. Tip: while I am spraying I hold a piece of cardboard along the edges to prevent over spray but it's usually pretty minimal. Lay the quilt top onto the batting making sure to center and line every thing up, smooth out to the edges and you are done! 

The reasons I like Spray Basting 
  • It's fast! 
  • No pins to stick me while I'm quilting.
  • Everything stays in place, especially nice in the case of linen and ticker tape quilts.
  • Did I mention it's fast?!

Concerns I had before I tried it
  • It would be smelly- I have a sensitive nose and I do this in the basement but the fumes are really minimal. 
  • Over spray would be messy- There was a slight over spray the first few times but I just cleaned it up with some spray cleaner. Now I have a piece of cardboard I hold along the edges so no over spray.
  • How much spray would I use and cost- I have been through two cans and I have spray basted five quilts I think that's not too bad. 
  • It would gum up my machine- I have never had an issue with this.

What ever way you baste have fun quilting!



Figgy said...

Im with you, I love spray basting too. It's super easy and works really well!

corina said...

I'm a spray baster too. Really wish I would have thought of the cardboard trick! It never even occurred to me - THANK YOU! Next time I won't have to clean the stickies off the floor!

Bec said...

Thanks Petra.. You rock.. Thanks for sharing.. xx Bec

Kimberly said...

I just spray basted my first quilt a few weeks ago and I had such a hard time with it. I ended up with a ton of wrinkles in my top and back. I am not sure what I did wrong. If I could get it to work, I think I would love it. The spray went really quick and it was easy to just mop the floor afterwards.

Creative Mom said...

I'm sorry to hear about that Kimberly. The only things I can suggest would be to be sure and have your quilt back stretched tight on the floor and then carefully smooth the batting on top of it looking for wrinkles as you go. Lift up the batting and smooth out the wrinkles if there are any. Do the same with the top when you attach it the spray is repositionable (I don't think that's a word). Good luck next time.