Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Creative Spaces...

It seems like I haven't done a sewing post in awhile but I have been making a little progress since school got out. 
I finished this masterpiece (I only say that because it was a trick to pull it off) for Father's Day... the tank cozy!

The tank cozy was my husbands idea but I convinced him I couldn't do it and then had to make it while he was out. He works at home so that can be tricky. 

I have also been making progress on the Curlicue Crush quilt.

It was slow at first but now I have a rhythm down. The top two rows have been sewn across so I can start to see how it's going to shape up. My quilt is smaller then the pattern but it still has the same effect. I love how all of the colors are so rich it's not my usual palette. 

There's also a lot of swap action taking place around here but I'll have to dedicate a special post to all of that. I am having a lot of fun though. 



miamihoney said...

Neato! Good job pulling off the surprise.

sacha said...

that is an awesome gift for ed! and i love the new quilt...beautiful!

Just Jenn said...

I adore the tank cozy. It's so awesome!
I also have a total crush on your Curlicue Crush. I love that pattern and have wanted to make it for a while now myself but haven't. So instead I shall adore yours. ^^

sewtakeahike said...

looooooove the cozy!!! I bet your husband flipped out!!
And your curliecue is coming along so nicely. I still need to quilt mine and bind it. :)

sewkatiedid said...

This is super cool, are those curves?

Creative Mom said...

Yes they are curves! Once they are sewn together you'll really be able to see them.

Teje said...

Hi Petra! That tank cozy is imressive! Great idea and perfect work! I wish we would have still the big bike - even I'm not sure if there would be accepted a cozy.
Have a lovely time!
xxx Teje