Monday, July 11, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Oh what a fun weekend of quilts, sewing, and relaxing! It turns out I exaggerated a little there were only around1,300 quilts displayed at the show but 1,300 is a lot of quilts. I was lucky enough to be invited along to stay at a house of quilters most of which are members of the Portland Modern Quilters Guild and we started the weekend off with a gift exchange. I finished up my birdies (photos soon) just in time. Everyone made something different and it was like a quilters Christmas. Then we topped it all off by staying up late sewing.
 Saturday was the day of the show and we were up early to drive to Sisters . If you don't know much about the show check out the website. The quilts are hung all around the town on buildings and throughout the week there are classes and the Gee's Bend women are there showing quilts and speaking. While the show has been going on for 36 years and is definitely focused on the traditional quilter there were modern quilts sprinkled throughout the show and our guild had a special exhibit in our own area. We received so much enthusiastic feedback and had such fun. There were people from all over even from my hometown Tulsa where they just started a Modern Quilt Guild. Amy one of the organizers of The Sewing Summit was in from Utah and stopped by. I am even more excited about that now!  There was also a nice article in the show magazine about modern quilting and our guild, we are on page 26. So many of the traditional and modern quilts were inspiring it made me want to just get home and sew. I'm gushing now here's what you (Jen from B.C.A.) really want to see the photos. These are quilts from our guild exhibit, I am sorry I don't have photos of all our quilts I assure you they are all amazing!!
Our banner and a few lovely guild members
Our area full of quilt gazers
Quilt by Heather Lott

Quilt by Susan Beal

Quilt by Cherri Langley pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

Quilt by me

Quilt by Jen Carlton-Baily
Quilting detail quilt by Kaci Kyler
Quilt by Kaci Kyler

Quilt by Christina Cameli

Quilt by Katie Sciarrino

Quilt by Rachel (why don't I know your last name?!)

Quilt by Jill Collins, Project Modern 2 winner

More photos of quilts that caught my eye and the show.
My favorite Gee's Bend quilt by Nancy Pettway
Ok I like them all! Gee's Bend, Rita Mae Pettway quilt.

Very busy Stitchin Post

I was a little worn out by the time the show was all over but it was completely worth it and the hot tub was a welcome site.



P's Qs said...

Love all the beautiful pictures! I didn't realize you were from Tulsa. Hi from your home town!

Heather said...

Hi Petra, it was a great time, I like your photos :) I am so glad you joined us.

Betty Crocker Ass said...

Looks like we took some of the same photos! It really was a fun weekend...

PS I read every word!

Erin @ Two More Seconds said...

This looks so fun! Great pictures of some beautiful quilts!

sewkatiedid said...

fun! hope to go next year. thanks for the tour.

Teje said...

Hi Petra! Thank you for sharing all those lovely photos! I have never been in quilt exhibition (no way to find any here) so I'm really happy to see your photos!
xxx Teje

Just Jenn said...

It was super fun and just like Christmas in July. My birdie has a sweet little spot in my sewing room. I love her!

happy zombie said...

Love seeing what you saw - and loved reading about your Quilter's Christmas at Heather's! I love to that you mentioned Rita Mae Pettway - she was the highlight of my Sisters experience. Violet and I had an incredible moment with her - she was amazing (as are all the ladies from Gee's Bend!).

RamonaX / Gail said...

Thanks for the post and all the photos!! I'm so glad you had a fun time ~ it looked amazing.