Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chicks and Birdcages a Week of Firsts

We have jumped on the chicken band wagon!
I had to take these with the flash off

 They came home on Friday and they have a nice little brooder set up in the basement. My husband has named his Nugget but the kids and I are waiting to come up with names. What breeds did you get? Why thank you for asking. We have a Brahma Buff, an Ameraucana, a Plymouth Rock, and a Gold Wyandotte which was supposed to be a Speckled Sussex but they gave us the wrong chick. We start building the coop soon but these little girls (hopefully no boys) will have to stay in the house at least 7 more weeks before moving outside. I don't think I'll be turning this into a blog about chickens but I'll share a little along the way as they grow up. 

My other first this week is I entered a fabric design in Connecting Threads fabric design competition. My inspiration is a birdcage that was a big part of my early paintings. I have had ideas for fabric for awhile but this is my first attempt at making them concrete. Whatever happens with this contest I am looking forward to exploring this design more and I am really excited to actually make the coordinating designs. Check out my design and many others here. You can vote for as may as you'd like and the voting ends on August 31st. 


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Teje said...

Hi Petra! I like to see chickens! When I was small I wanted to have my own chicken but never did. Your fabric is beautiful and not so common! I'll go to vote.
I can't believe that I won in Rebecca's giveaway! I'm so exited! Thank you for your wishes!
xxx Teje