Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post Overload!!!

I've found myself with too many posts to write. Does that ever happen to you? I sit down with one in mind and remember

  •  the book club post I need to do
  •  then there's the Fair I want to participate in
  •  the new fabric in my stash
  •  the photos from Seattle
  •  the quilt update
  •  the birthday gift I made 

I like it when I am posting 3 to 4 times a week but there are  times when I have to choose between blogging and sewing and MOST of the time sewing wins out. The other times I have to choose between blogging and cleaning then blogging wins out. Imagine this a beautiful sunny Portland morning the perfect, I mean perfect!, weather sun glowing through my curtains the dogs snoozing in their beds, coffee on the table next to my laptop, really quiet except for the birds, the kids having fun in camp, my husband gone? I am not sure where but I am alone. It's wonderful but then around me open cookbooks, last nights pans on the stove top, today's breakfast dishes all around, the pool bag on the floor, kids stuff here and there the house is a mess!! Ok my heart is racing have to go back to the sun,coffee, and weather part...deep breath the coffee is so good. 
I think I am a little overloaded so today I am getting on top of things. Quick clean, blog post, sewing! I am going to prioritize the posts and start quilting my Curlicue Crush quilt which I have been itching to do!! If all goes well I will be back later today with another post!


p.s. I left out the part about one of my dogs occasionally barking like a maniac that adds to the heart pounding!

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laurawilson25 said...

When I get too many ideas, I start them all in drafts, then work on them later. It can get overwhelming!