Monday, September 12, 2011

Chili and Pie anyone?

Pie wreckage!
Sadly I had to say goodbye to my pie trophy yesterday after winning two years in a row. Last year my sister and I won the chili and pie contests and this year my husband and his sister won them so at least it's all in the family. It was HOT (finally!) here in Portland so not ideal for eating chili and baking pie but there was a record pie turn out of 8 7 (disqualification) and a low amount of chili's with only 6. In past years there has been as many as 18! 

This is my husbands "I'm smiling" smile 
This was my husbands third time winning and Kristi's first. She found this amazing gluten free crust on a blog that is now my favorite crust ever!! I've been making a good gluten free crust for a long time now but this is THE CRUST you wont believe it!! It's from Tara of a baking life (gluten free). 

So my creepy pie trophy was replaced with the not as creepy majorette trophy, one day they will both have a year together in my kitchen!


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Just Jenn said...

OH the pie and chili contest! How fun! Very sorry your pie didn't win this year... there's always next year, right?! And nice that your hubby won with his chili. ^^