Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chicken Update

It's been a month since the last update and so much has happened. The weather cooperated, although it did get cold at night and I was worried, so the chickens moved outside on September 30th and have been enjoying their new space. Here is moving day for Peepers and Pippi.

They stayed inside their coop for 2 days to adjust and were checked on quite frequently. They weren't too happy at first and stayed huddled in the corner at night instead of getting up on their roost.

Then it was time to let them down into the run and the ladder was a bit confusing for them. It took maybe 3 or 4 days and then it clicked. That first day they learned they were going up and down on it like a new toy they really are so funny! Now they put themselves to bed every night and huddle up on the roost. 

Here are some photos from today they are getting so big and really developing their personalities. We have started on the yard for them but it might be delayed for Halloween we'll see. 

Peepers is still the shyest of the bunch but so pretty.

Pippi has become more outgoing and is really interested in cameras!

Sprinkles with her cute chicken shape. 
Coco with her puffy cheeks growing in.
The big question from the kids is when will they start laying? Five months is the norm but it will be winter here so that might delay them, I can't wait!



Betty Crocker Ass said...

I think Coco is my favorite!
BTW great photos.

anotheryarn said...

I adore black and white chickens, they are just so cute.

Amanda said...

oh my...I am so jealous of your chickens!! They are just too cute! We can't have chickens in our neighborhood b/c of some very old rules...and it's part of the reason my husband and I dream of moving to the country someday. Maybe you wrote about this in an earlier post about them, but what type of chickens are these? They are very pretty.

Jill said...

So fun! The coop is really cool. We just visited Grandma and Grandpa's hens today, the kids LOVE them.

sacha said...

love! we are going to build a new coop soon incorporated into our garage and a long run behind it. so excited! your girls are very pretty!