Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home from The Sewing Summit!

I have to say that the Sewing Summit was more amazing then I expected it was an awesome sundae with extra awesome sauce sprinkled with awesome! 
I arrived with my Portland posse, Jen (Betty Crocker Ass) and Jill (Made on Main St), a day early on Thursday and I am so glad we did because it gave us a chance to spend some time with a smaller group of women and go on the shop hop Friday morning. While I feel lucky to have access to great fabric stores in Portland I did manage to find some fabrics I just couldn't resist and all of the stores we visited had discounts for us and fun giveaways. I also had the chance to meet my roommate Valerie who couldn't have worked out better considering we had never met. We both enjoyed late night reading even though we were up so late not much reading happened. Here she is taking photos of our collective shop hop haul.
Valerie in our fancy room.
My fabric is the left side but I collected quite a bit more by the end of the weekend!

 Friday night was the opening reception where there were so many familiar faces/blogs. The giveaways kept going all weekend and I won a box of fat quarters!

Saturday our classes started and over the weekend I took

  • Improve Piecing: How to think outside the box taught by Jessica Berrett Urban Patchwork
  • Photographing Your Creations: Simple Changes for Maximum Impact by Vanessa Christenson V and Co
  • Letting Your Machine Work For You: Specialty Seams in Garments by Susan Peterson Freshly Picked 
  • Marvelous Minis: Packing Lots of Punch into a Mini Quilt  by Amanda Jennings MsMcPorkchop Quilts
  • Aspiring Authors: A panel discussion with Published Authors
  • Documenting Your Creativity: Blogging and Social Media by Dana Bolyard Old Red Barn Co

I was able to go out to dinner with my brother who lives in SLC Friday and Saturday night and it was great to catch up with him.

But I had to get back to the hotel both nights for a fat Quarter swap and tutorials. Nothing like trying to explain a Sewing Summit to your 28 year old brother. I think he imagined circles of older women sitting around hand quilting (which really would have been fun) not women of all ages staying up until 1:30 sewing and laughing until tears ran down faces or you thought you'd wet your pants. I didn't take as many photos as I'd hoped and the lighting was a challenge but here's a few from the weekend.
Late night in the Baby lock Sewing room!
Jana and Bari J
Jen taking a photo of Amy one of the Sewing Summit Masterminds.

I couldn't resist taking photos of Jen taking photos.

Rachel and I
Some of the name tags on display during the Mini Quilt class.

My final loot after the swag bag,
 swaps, giveaways, and shopping!

Thank you Amy and Erin for the incredible amount of love and work you put into this wonderful weekend!! I met so many amazing women I can't wait until next year!!



Jill said...

Great post Petra! I didn't take even 1 photo the whole weekend, I'm so stoked that you summed it up - now I can just send people here :)

Jacey said...

I'm so glad I got to meet you! The photos are great, too. I love the one of Valeria photographing the stash. ;)

Christina said...

I was so sad not to make it! Every looks like they had so much fun.

Valerie said...

Petra - I love your post! Soooo glad we got to room together - it worked out perfectly! I can't wait to see what you create with all the haul from the shophop!

Angela said...

Petra thanks again for sharing your laminate fabrics with me! I'm passing the love along and sending one of my little zippered pouches to Lynne in England...since she couldn't make it. ;)

Amy Gibson said...

What an amazing weekend it was! It was so wonderful to meet you...counting down days til next year! :)