Monday, October 17, 2011

Swaps and Such

While I wait for my City Weekend fabric to arrive for the Wedding Quilt grrrr I have some swaps and such to catch up on.

First up is for Potholder Pass 9 I opted out of the potholders this time around and am swapping coasters. You can see mine on the left above and here are the ones I received. I love them kpeachy! I made a mosaic with lots of linen and pops of color and she really got me.

Next are projects for the Sewing Summit. I have a block for beebolt which will become part of a charity quilt to be auctioned off at the next Sewing Summit! Every attendee was given a cute little stack of fabric to make an 8 1/2" block with. Also Amy and Erin have a challenge for us to use our Sewing Summit tote bags and reconstruct them into a new tote. It reminds me of a Quick Fire for quilters!! I am trying to access the old art school part of my brain for this one and I think it's going to be a fun project!

Finally for the Portland Modern Quilt Guild I am making potholders for a swap we are doing with the Kansas City Guild. Also it's time for our holiday swap which is a fun one. We each fill a sandwich bag with some of our favorite fabrics and then receive someone else's bag. You take it home and adding one fabric make something amazing and then bring it back for them. Last year I received this beautiful quilt from Rachel! A quilt from a sandwich bag of fabric she's a sneaky one!!

I am still full of inspiration from The Sewing Summit! Thanks to Vanessa's photography class I have been working on my lighting in my photos. Amanda's mini-quilt class is the gift that keeps on giving with my coasters and potholders. There is so much more I can't wait until next year!!!



Heather Joy said...

Your lighting does look really great in these photos, I'd love to hear about the tips you learned! :)

Amanda @ My Sewcial Hour said...

Your coasters look fabulous -- both the ones you are making and the ones you received!!

Jacey said...

Lots of fun going on! I love both sets of coasters, the ones you gave and received. I haven't started on the beebolt block or tote bag yet. Soon, hopefully!


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Tania said...

Beautiful! You even prompted me to think 'Christmas' - which has sort of un-nerved me a bit. Usually I put off thinking crafty Christmas until The Very Last Minute. Hope my family dig coasters too...