Monday, November 14, 2011


I've read a few posts on WIP's that go on and on and I have one too. It's a little sweater that got me but it's done!!

My knitting adventures actually started 11 years ago and took me to a business making knitting needle holders. My love of fabric took over and knitting has taken a back seat.
This sweater began when I fell in love with the Prism Bubbles yarn. It is so cute but a little tricky to get the hang of knitting with and then my dog got a hold of the knitting, played with it for awhile, and I was left with a big mess. After spending a long time untangling it I was ready to move on but my pattern was missing. I finally (6 months later)  went back to the store and they printed a new one for me. The knitting itself was easy and everything came together quickly until I was supposed to crochet the button holes. I was going to have my sister-in-law help me but then saw there would be some crochet/knitting groups going on at the Sewing Summit. With the help of Suzy who tried to teach me to crochet and eventually took pity on me finishing it for me the sweater is done! Luckily for me if I had finished it last year it would have been too big for my little niece so the whole thing worked out just right.
Maybe I'll start a new knitting project that doesn't take a year and a half to finish!



Valerie said...

Yay - It's done! It turned out so cute and it looks like your niece loves it!

**nicke... said...

very cute sweater and little niece petra! i wish i could knit. i really want to learn. i just noticed you are a portlander. we were in portland this weekend. it is such a fun town and i had a great time at Bolt!

sacha said...

cute sweater! and what an adorable model;)

Amy Gibson said...

Oh my goodness! So adorable! It was worth the wait. The hood is my favorite part (other than the darling little model!). Doesn't it feel great to get a long time WIP finished?!