Friday, November 18, 2011

My Creative Space...

It's been awhile and I've missed Our Creative Spaces I am so happy to be back. Today was the last day of school for my kids before the Thanksgiving break so I dedicated the day to sewing! 
I have a few little projects I am working on but today was mostly about starting my son's quilt!! I usually start a quilt with a sketch. This time I came up with a rough sketch and then showed my son. He gave some input which included adding a Minecraft pig. Actually at first he wanted the whole quilt to be a Minecraft character but as we talked about ideas he decided just a pig somewhere in the quilt would be nice. What is Minecraft? A computer game my children are obsessed with but it's at least a very creative world building game just with a few monsters thrown in if you want them.
My first sketch with Avery's Minecraft characters in order of preference. 

My second sketch.
My sketches are just a starting point and things change as I am putting blocks on the design wall but they help me to have a vision of the quilt.

I also received my charms in the mail today from the Gen X Japanese Import Swap!

I am excited to do something with them. There are so many fabrics I've drooled over in the group!
Don't miss Our Creative Spaces this week. It looks like some of us are starting to get ready for the holidays.



Jacey said...

I have a couple of friends that play minecraft (adult friends, I might add!). That's a fun idea for a quilt! Ooh, the charms you got are fabulous!

Kate S. said...

Those charms are so awesome, lucky you!! And happy belated bday :)