Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space...

I didn't make it into my creative space today but this is what's up on the design wall.

I have been adding to it all week. The cute little umbrella mug rug is courtesy of Penny over at Sew Take a Hike. I was lucky enough to win it during Mug Rug Madness and can't bare to put my mug on it yet. Below is a little quilt that was my Grandmothers and I have been toying with making a scrap quilt inspired by it. Next to that are the potholders and bag I am making for my partner in the Potholder Pass 7 swap. Above are some Umbrella Print scraps.
I haven't made it to the studio today because I am leaving for a trip tomorrow yay!! I am going to sunny Arizona with some good girlfriends and then staying on for my sister-in-laws wedding.I am so looking forward to some time away drinking margaritas and sitting in the sun. I'll be posting my April book club post and maybe some desert photos.I'll be in Carefree and it's one of my favorite places!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Book Club

This months book was Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. 
There were mixed reviews from the group. Some of us loved it and were inspired others were turned off by some of the more preachy parts.The book is about a year of Barbara and her family living off their land in a commitment to be "locavors". The family moves from Arizona, where most food has to be shipped in, to her husbands Appalachia family farm committing to a year of eating only food they have grown or bought from local farmers. Although I found the beginning a little repetitive when Barbara gets down to the seasonal harvesting and epicurial parts of their year on the farm I really enjoyed the book. The whole family is involved with her 9 year old daughter raising chickens for eggs and meat, her older daughter contributing recipes, and her husband adding more detailed information on the food industry and other subjects. Reading about all of their gardening and canning has inspired me to have a more thoughtful garden this year not the hodge podge I usually plant. It has also made me think about where my fruits and vegetables are coming from and make better choices at the store. While the book covers so much, I don't want you to think the book is just about gardening, it has a lot to get across even for someone living in a city it's important to know where your food is coming from.

 Our book for May is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. So far I love love love it and the reviews just rave about the book, pick it up and join me for May!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few photos from my iphone

I mentioned last week was busy and I found a few photos to share from my phone...

No I don't usually make the devil horns hand gesture but I was hosting a bachelorette party for my sister-in-law and it was getting crazy!

Look at the cute cake my sister made for her daughter's second birthday.The craftiness does run in the family but did I mention my sister has a six week old she is amazing!

The Birthday Girl herself ready for cake.

She doesn't waste any time a girl after my own heart.

Cute ribbon from the Paper Zone. 

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a busy week!

It's been auction time around here.This year I took a step back and didn't take on a larger roll, I think after six years I needed a break.Somehow though last week had me busy wrapping up some auction things including the quilt I donated.Here it is all finished. 

The back ended up a little busy but I love the two color ways of print side by side it makes me think of old wallpaper.

I love the Sugar Pop Braid print as binding, sorry the photo isn't better I didn't think to take a close up before I delivered it to the auction.This is the multi color but it comes in some single colors as well I might just have to get a little more of this.

So many other things were going on last week as well...
  • My cute little Niece Cecilia turned two! Photos next post.
  • I started exercising again after letting my shoulder injury slow me down for too long.
  • Had drinks with kids tv celebrity Chris Kratt and got to see my husband in work mode so fun.
  • Great lunch with a good friend for her birthday.
  • Lots of life stuff I wont bore you with. 

 Needless to say the house looks like it's been ransacked. Wouldn't it be nice if when we're busy the rest of the family thought to pick up after themselves?I am looking forward this week to getting a little uncluttered energy in the house and working on some fun swaps coming up!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do I design a quilt?

For all of you visiting from Quilt Class 101 I hope you are having fun. I am excited to share my process and learn from other people as well.

I started my blog in August 2009 after I caught the quilting bug and had a lot of baby quilts to make. I think I made seven all from the Quilts! Baby book and then I was ready to design my first quilt for my child's school auction. I think my only inspiration was all of the fabric I had left over from previous projects and this idea of blocks that stood out from the rest of the design. 

I didn't even get the whole quilt in the photograph.

While I think I did a pretty good job for my first design I see so many things I would do differently now. That was only one year ago! It seems like five. I have since made many other quilts and three of my own design.I am much happier with my new designs they feel more like me!

Untitled Linen Quilt photo by Jen Carlton Bailey

Monochromatic Quilt for Project Modern 2


Auction Quilt #2 top finished.

They all start with a lot of sketches.The Monochromatic quilt more then the others that was a brain teaser.I usually am inspired by fabric and have an idea of the feel I want the quilt to have. With the Untitled Linen quilt it was Lotta Jansdotter scraps (I showed that design process here) and with this years auction quilt it was Sugar Pop charm squares.I have never used graph paper in my design process.This might be from my background in fine arts but I sketch in a sketch book. I should say multiple sketch books I am always going up and down stairs to get one from my bedroom or studio and find the last drawing I was working on.With the auction quilt it was a simple sketch just an idea and then fabric went up on the design wall.

The design wall is a big part of my design process now that I have one. While you can start with a sketch book or graph paper being able to put fabric up and move it around is what really finalizes the design for me.My next step is figuring out some measurements.For this quilt I put the seven blocks that ended up as part of the quilt top on the design wall and measured right on the wall.For my more complicated Monochromatic quilt, which was actually one block turned in different ways, I planned it all out on paper.After I had these measurements I started cutting and sewing making a few adjustments along the way.

One thing I firmly believe about any kind of art is there is no right way to do it. There are techniques that you can learn and with quilting they are important but in the end it's what works for you that matters!

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Creative Space...



I finally cleaned up before starting the auction quilt! My stash looks so much smaller all tidied up I might have to add a little to it. 
I have been experimenting with my Sugar Pop charm pack and came up with this little arrangement.

I want this quilt to have a lot of negative space in it I think as a reaction to all the piecing in my last quilt. It's hard to see up on the design wall but there's a little border of the background fabric around each large block. I wanted the crosses to extend past the charms.The background color will be a very light green, Kona Pale Mint.I am going to futz with the layout a little more and then put it all together.

My studio mates are being a little loud and frisky today I think it's due to the sun we've been waiting for.

Kootoyoo is taking a school holiday for two weeks and she'll be back hosting My Creative Space April 28th. Check out everyone's post's this week and we'll pick up again at the end of the month.  

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Journey of a quilt

A long overdue post for my linen quilt.I thought it would be fun to see how this one came about.

I was inspired by Lotta Jansdotter scraps that I had been saving (ok hoarding) in my stash for awhile.Our PMQG was invited to have a special exhibit in the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make my first quilt just for me and to work with linen. 

 I first started with a sketch.

Then I threw up pieces and a block I had experimented with on the design wall.
This was moved around a lot.I felt the arrangement was too busy and ended up with something closer to my original drawing saving the block for another quilt.

Next was a drawing with measurements for all of my cutting.

Making progress with the piecing.

 Top all together!

Spray basted quilt sandwich.

A little quilting action and you can see the backing which I love with the colors.


Photo by Jen Carlton Bailly

Photo by Jen Carlton Bailly
I am so happy with it and am excited to just snuggle up on the couch but for now it is going to Pacific Northwest College of Art for a modern quilt exhibit! 

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Look whats coming up next week

I am excited to share two upcoming events in the quilters blog world.

Edit for Modern Relief: Unfortunately some issues arose with paypal and our efforts have been suspended please see the Modern Relief blog for all the details.When a new plan develops I will let you know.

Rebecca over at Chasing Cottons Quilt Designs has put together Quilt Class 101. It's only 4 days away and will have fabric to binding and everything in between.There will be 12 weeks of lessons and tips along with links to other blogs participating (maybe even me).While it's the basics for anyone just starting out an experienced quilter is sure to learn a thing or two or you can put up a link with your own tutorial. Did I mention there will be giveaways? 

Pétra (Creative Mom)

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Creative Space...

I am barely making this post in time to be a part of My Creative Space. If you still haven't checked out the group it's really fun and a great way to find new blogs, which I really don't need to do but can't resist.
The reason I am behind is I was working my little fingers to the bone hand finishing the binding on my Project Modern Monochromatic Quilt and it's done!! 

 This might be a case of my liking the back more then the front but I am really happy with it! I wanted the blocks to have a random feel to them but they are actually the same four piece block turned with the striped squares cut into them. I have to show a picture of the binding.
 While I have had the cutting and machine sewing part of binding down for awhile I have received some good input from some veteran quilters on my hand finishing. No Rachel you didn't hurt my feelings and I hope you will be proud of my work thank you for the advice!

Pétra (Creative Mom)