Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Highs and Lows

My daughter turned 7 last weekend! That is partially why I have been absent this past week. She had her first sleepover party with friends and it was a camp out in the living room/ beauty parlor event. That really tells you a lot about my daughter right there. She has a great spirit, is so funny, very cute, and loves her big brother. I am so happy to have her in my life!!! Here are some of my favorite photos of her recently.

 I have been torn about how to share the other reason I have been absent but I've found when I hold something back here I tend to not post. It feels artificial to not share things that are really a part of my life. Preceding this happy weekend a close friend has been going through a really scary time. I have helped as much as I could but there is only so much you can do and then it's up to prayer. Her 3 year old son fell out of their 2nd story window landing on his head in the driveway. He fractured his skull and has bruising to his brain. This happened 17 days ago and it's amazing that he is doing so well. He will be ok thank God! This summer in Oregon 9 children have fallen from windows. My friend was careful to never open her windows from the bottom but someone else was watching her child and forgot the rule. I am so thankful this sweet boy is recovering so well. My friend and her family are under so much strain but they are grateful and will be stronger. 
Besides supporting my friend in other ways I had to make a quilt for him while he is in the hospital, something to cheer him up and be soft and snugly. It had to be fast and it was a way for me to cope. I brought it to him today in the hospital and he loved it. The good news is instead of coming home in 3 weeks he might be coming home this Friday he is doing so well!!

This make me thankful for my family and thankful for my friends who are such an important part of my life.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swaps and The Summit!

Here are my swaps all finished 
Bag for my Potholder Pass 8 Partner

Bag I received plus goodies!

Potholders for my partner with a BBQ theme!
Potholders I received plus goodies!

Tea Towels sent to my partner.
Plus coffee sleeve

Tea Towels I received plus fabric!
It's pretty apparent that my partners knew I like orange. This is only the second online swap I've done and it's been so fun seeing what everyone has made and connecting with new people. I had fun this time because one of my partners was Amy from Lot's of Pink Here a blog I had followed for awhile so I knew her a little already. I was also surprised by the tea towels that were made for me by a different Amy who started Potholder Pass. I'm looking forward to the next swap!! I want to do Potholder Pass again but I'm also on the lookout for something new.

I also mentioned The Sewing Summit did you know it's a little under 3 months away!! I signed up the first week it opened up and October seemed so long away but the summer is flying by so it will be here soon, I can't wait!!! 

Are any of you going? 


Friday, July 15, 2011

My Creative Space...

It's been a swappy sewing week here and the week I have been dreaming of, the kids have been in camp for the first time this summer!
 Of course my studio looks like this.

But I have had a great week of just being in there and getting caught up. These little guys slowed me down on the swaps as I was finishing them up for the Sisters trip last week. Eight little birdies for our house swap, the pattern is from Umbrella Prints. I love their fabrics and they have a new quilting weight fabric coming out soon with a free bird pattern with purchase! The birds were fun to make but a little tricky. I always do this were I jump into something I'd never tried before and power through. I guess that's how I ended up quilting and blogging though.

 This week has been about finishing up the last two things for my Potholder Pass 8 swaps. It was divided into potholders, tea towels, and grocery bags and I signed up for all 3. You can see my potholders in the top photo. I made my puppet like oven mitt for the second time and it came out great. I can't wait to send it all off in the mail today.

Besides the swaps I've made progress on the Curlicue Crush top and plan to have it all sewn together today. I just can't get the colors to look right I promise the next photo I'll take it outside.

 Make sure to see more Creative Spaces here. I am loving my space this week!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Oh what a fun weekend of quilts, sewing, and relaxing! It turns out I exaggerated a little there were only around1,300 quilts displayed at the show but 1,300 is a lot of quilts. I was lucky enough to be invited along to stay at a house of quilters most of which are members of the Portland Modern Quilters Guild and we started the weekend off with a gift exchange. I finished up my birdies (photos soon) just in time. Everyone made something different and it was like a quilters Christmas. Then we topped it all off by staying up late sewing.
 Saturday was the day of the show and we were up early to drive to Sisters . If you don't know much about the show check out the website. The quilts are hung all around the town on buildings and throughout the week there are classes and the Gee's Bend women are there showing quilts and speaking. While the show has been going on for 36 years and is definitely focused on the traditional quilter there were modern quilts sprinkled throughout the show and our guild had a special exhibit in our own area. We received so much enthusiastic feedback and had such fun. There were people from all over even from my hometown Tulsa where they just started a Modern Quilt Guild. Amy one of the organizers of The Sewing Summit was in from Utah and stopped by. I am even more excited about that now!  There was also a nice article in the show magazine about modern quilting and our guild, we are on page 26. So many of the traditional and modern quilts were inspiring it made me want to just get home and sew. I'm gushing now here's what you (Jen from B.C.A.) really want to see the photos. These are quilts from our guild exhibit, I am sorry I don't have photos of all our quilts I assure you they are all amazing!!
Our banner and a few lovely guild members
Our area full of quilt gazers
Quilt by Heather Lott

Quilt by Susan Beal

Quilt by Cherri Langley pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

Quilt by me

Quilt by Jen Carlton-Baily
Quilting detail quilt by Kaci Kyler
Quilt by Kaci Kyler

Quilt by Christina Cameli

Quilt by Katie Sciarrino

Quilt by Rachel (why don't I know your last name?!)

Quilt by Jill Collins, Project Modern 2 winner

More photos of quilts that caught my eye and the show.
My favorite Gee's Bend quilt by Nancy Pettway
Ok I like them all! Gee's Bend, Rita Mae Pettway quilt.

Very busy Stitchin Post

I was a little worn out by the time the show was all over but it was completely worth it and the hot tub was a welcome site.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Creative Spaces

Oh blog how I've missed you! It's only been about a week but it seems like longer. I have a lot to share my creative space has been busy. First a few 4th of July photos. 

My kids do love their sparklers!

I have been working on swaps this week and finished these up for my tea towel portion of PP8.

Then I received these in the mail from Amy at made During Quiet Time.
The orange tea and coffee prints are linen tea towels she designs and makes, she threw in some of her other printed fabric, and the orange fabric! Amy came up with the orange print just for my love of the color orange and my orange kitchen. You can get these and more at her etsy shop.

I also cut all my charm squares and mailed them for the GenX Quilters Spoonflower charm swap. I chose this fabric Mexico Springtime: United Love by designer Sammyk and the colors are really true in person. I love the print.

Finally I have been working on a gift exchange for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt show. I am going for the first time tomorrow! It's a secret right now and I'm a little behind but I'll finish today and share photos next week. I am lucky enough to get to stay at a house full of lovely guild members, bloggers, quilters it's going to be a fun weekend! 
 The Portland Modern Quilt Guild has a special exhibit at the show, I have a quilt in it, on Saturday and I'll be manning the both from 1:30 to 3:30 we have a great space near the Stichin Post so stop by if you are there. I've heard so much about the show and I think 3000 quilts that will be displayed outside I'll take lots of photos for a post next week! 

Be sure to check out more Creative Spaces there's a lot going on out there.