Thursday, January 5, 2012


 I noticed a few days ago I had 199 posts and 199 followers and then yesterday I received my 200th follower! Yay it was Amy from made During Quiet Time who I got to know through Pot Holder Pass which was my first online swap, her blog, screen printed fabrics, and her hubby's cool seam rippers (more available in Feb.)! While Amy was my 200th follower thank you to all 199 of you for coming to visit my space and the feedback you have given me over the past 199 posts! Now on to my 200th post which is a photo extravaganza my final post on my biggest challenge yet Nathaniel and Kristi's wedding quilt!! Lots of photos coming your way.

One of the many incarnations of the quilt.
I started the quilt with sketches and fabrics I knew would work with the colors of their bedroom and that would have special meaning to them. There was a lot of arranging and rearranging on the design wall. 

I wanted to have some blocks that were a very symmetrical mixed with some wonky ones. I also wanted to have thin lines of color that brought out the magenta in the Habitat and Sugar Skull fabrics.

The kitty fabric is for their cat Monkey (their baby) who does have crazy eyes like the lower kitty. I also had fun fussy cutting sugar skulls and dots.

This was my first quilt to send out to a long arm quilter and Nancy of In Stitches did an amazing job! She is a Rock Star quilter incorporating these images into the quilt...

Dragonfly's for Kristi's tattoo.

A light saber for Nathaniel's laser request.

Also skulls for Nathaniel. There are some quails quilted in as well which was on the wedding invitation. 

Lucy checking me out, I couldn't resist!

Label, it was perfect how the scrolls in the quilting match my little symbol I have been incorporating in my work. 

I am doing a little coffee toast right now here's to Nate and Kristi and 200 more posts!

edit: of all the times to loose a follower it was with this post so I am technically at 199 198 hoping to get back to 200 soon : (


gill said...

Congratulations on 200 and 200!
I love this quilt!

Maureen Cracknell Handmade said...

Congrats!!! I am going to be celebrating my two year blog-iversary in two weeks and with each milestone it feels even better to be able to share through blogging!

Your quilt is fabulous! I love the scroll quilting and how you've matched it with your name tag is so cool! Congrats again, cheers to 200 more!!!

Amity Peterson said...


Ed said...

Day-um!! thats a big - a__ quilt girl!

Pétra said...

It was heavy too wasn't it!

Amy Friend said...

What a wonderful gift! So pleased to be your 200th follower...silly whoever that was to stop following!

Sewhappy said...

Such a lovely quilt, the colours are wonderful, that quilting is well wow, I like how you incorporated special things, it just makes it that little more personal.

**nicke... said...

i love this quilt petra! sooo sooo beautiful! you will be back to 200 in no time!

**nicke... said...

p.s. i totally pinned it! ;)

MG said...

I'm a new follower--so that makes 199! Love this quilt. I'm trying to wrap my early-morning brain around how you pieced it. I think I need more coffee.

Julie said...

Can you please let me know what kind of dog Lucy is? thanks