Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Breakthrough and an x & + Block

I had a great breakthrough yesterday with Avery's (my son's) quilt! I am going to make a little progress on it and then share some more but starting from scratch did the trick and I'm feeling much better. 
 Because I have been following Rachel's Scrap Attack I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to be doing with my scraps. I've loved the x & + block since I first saw this quilt made by Leila at Where the Orchids Grow

Isn't it gorgeous! I think it's her use of neutrals with little pops of color that really make it work so well. If you haven't already seen some of the x & + madness on Flickr you should check it out. It's safe to say this was all inspired by Setsuko Inawaga's submission to the Tokyo Quilt Festival a beautiful quilt.

thought I'd try making a block today for a little fun and to see how it goes. I followed Badskirt Amy's block tutorial and wa-la 40 mins later my first block. 

Measures 8" with seam allowances.

As predicted I love it! It did take a little longer to make then I thought it would but a few things would speed that along. Cutting scraps for multiple blocks at once, finally making that pressing table to put beside my machine, and chain piecing. Also to make the quilt more successful Amy recommends cutting the x's on point when a pattern is directional like the stripes. It's not hard it will just take a little getting used to before the cutting speeds up. I'm planning on making my own x & + quilt after I finish Avery's quilt but I might make a few blocks here and there when I need to switch things up.

 Are you doing anything with your scraps these days?

 It's been awhile since I've been to Our Creative Spaces check out what's going one this week.



Amy Friend said...

Oh, I do love Leila's quilt. Can't wait to see yours!

rachael said...

oh, man! i've been very "pshaw... what's all of the excitement about this block? i don't see what the hype is about." but wow, that quilt! i take it all back. and your block is super lovely.

Jacey said...

Your first block looks great! I think it will be a very fun quilt, and I can understand your desire to make one for yourself, too!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I think this looks great! I'm not a quilter (yet!) but I love that top quilt, and it's so inspiring. And even better - it uses up scraps!

**nicke... said...

i love them. i still need to make this block. and want to like yesterday! i did a plus pillow last night though... so that is progress! ;) i love your block! i can't wait to see more!