Monday, January 30, 2012

Recap/ Rant

Last week was one of those weeks where it seemed like I never stopped. One thing to another all week long with me trying to squeeze in sewing whenever I could. I am left missing my blog and at a loss of where to start. Here's my week in a nutshell starting last Monday.

  • Working on the auction again this year call and email people for donations.
  • Haircut and color (got to keep that gray away)
  • Lunch with my Dad.
  • Clean clean clean Portland Modern Quilt Guild board meeting at my house I am the new secretary.
  • Volunteer to teach art for my son's class at school.
  • One child to Do Jump one child to fencing.
  • Volunteer to teach art for daughters class at school.
  • Auction work and sewing, think about blog posts don't have time.
  • One child to piano lesson.
  • Clean clean clean host cooking party at my house.
  • Stinky stinky dog to groomer.
  • Sew 
  • Big fun party to go to Saturday night.
  • Stinky stinky dog number two to groomer.
  • Stayed up too late Saturday not getting a lot done Sunday.
  • Sew

Throw in there feeding and managing the family, my husband is a big help in this department, trying to keep up with blogs and swaps I'm in, and taking care of chickens. I don't think it was a bad week I had some really fun things going on it just left me a little out of breath.
I did manage a little sewing and am almost half way though piecing Avery's quilt top it deserves it's own post but I just have to show you a little peek this is one section.

 It's simple but I love how it's coming together.

Thanks for letting me rant a little!


goldwillow said...

That's a pretty busy week! I love how you piece in those long thin strips, they never seem to look right when I try them. Can't wait to see this quilt finished!


Pétra said...

Thanks Ale! You know when I started the long strips I wondered if I could make them all work so far so good.

Gail said...

Whew you've been a busy little lady lately, but you're pulling it all off amazingly. I mean... look at that quilt ~ it's turning out great!

Jacey said...

Lots on your plate, Petra! The quilt is coming along nicely, though. It's so great to have crafting for stress relief!