Sunday, January 15, 2012

Things don't always go as planned!

It's about 25" square and I went with Navy Quilters Linen for the sashing.

After finishing this the other day and giving it to my friend, yay she loved it, I was so excited to get working on my son's quilt. I wanted to make it last summer but had to work on other things so now his quilt is top priority! I started by looking at sketches and putting fabric on the design wall, made a few blocks happy happy and then screech it's a mess. Maybe I've been planning it in my head too long or maybe the way I chose the fabrics over a long period of time just doesn't work but it's definitely not working. After I thought I'd figured it out yesterday and then realized no I really hadn't I had to take a step back. Today I decided it's time to get unstuck so I'm abandoning my previous sketches and blocks and starting over! I feel better already but I still feel a little trepidation wish me luck!



Jacey said...

You'll get there, Petra. I've had that same feeling. And the mini turned out so fun!

Eat, Sleep, Quilt said...

Oh man, I like that little mini, it looks fuss-free and just right! Keep at it, you'll end with a quilt your son will be over the moon for!

**nicke... said...

good luck! i love that mini and i can't wait to see what you make for your son.