Thursday, February 2, 2012

Avery's Quilt

Avery’s quilt is coming along after a rough start. Starting over was the right thing to do but scary. I felt like I had put so much time into the failure I couldn't let go. If only I had a photo to share with you I thought I'd taken a few but they're no where to be found. This is the initial sketch which I think was pretty good. It just didn't work on the design wall!

To start over I weeded out some fabrics and took everything off the design wall. The orange (my favorite color) and a few prints had to go

I think it's time for a bigger design wall!

My breakthrough came when I had the idea of lines traveling up the quilt through fields of color and prints. From then on it's been just putting the pieces together. 

This makes sense doesn't it?!

The trickiest part is keeping my lines straight and keeping them aligned when they pass behind an object. I am hoping to move onto the second half of the quilt tomorrow!



Heather Joy said...

Wow! The vertical lines really make the quilt for me! Genius!

**nicke... said...

this looks awesome petra! where did you find that map fabric??? love it.

Christina said...

This is looking great! Good for you for being brave enough to start over