Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avery's Quilt

The dust has settled and I am finally ready to get back to Avery's quilt! He has been so patient and there are no auctions, weddings, or quilt shows butting in line to take his quilts spot at the sewing machine. 

When we last saw this quilt it looked like this.

It makes my head hurt now. I have already sewn the right side together and am happy with it but the space I've had with the left side has made me realize it's too busy. 

Here is the new version!

Maybe it's not that different but it feels like a big change. I am much happier with it now. Of course it will get tweaked a little as I sew and the quilting oh I am excited about that!! Then there is the pig pillow to make, anyone hear of Minecraft it is an obsession here at our house!

Tonight is guild YAY! We will have a presentation on photographing your quilts. I'll be doing a post on that over at the PMQG blog soon which I'll be sure to link up to for anyone that's interested. 


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Valerie said...

Looks great, Petra! I'd love to hear what you learn about photographing quilts-it's so tricky sometimes.