Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Book Club

Portland has been benefiting from a few weeks of amazing sunny weather so our group enjoyed a wonderful evening out in Jodi's backyard last night. 
The Weird Sisters hmmm did any of you read it? I know Amanda had started it and her book club didn't enjoy it. Of the members that read most said they liked the book but it didn't blow them away. The thing is a lot of people didn't finish and some aren't going to now so that's not a good sign. I don't know what my deal is but I have to finish a book it has to be really really bad for me to just put it down. I am glad I finished this one though because I liked how the characters issues were resolved and while it took a long time to get there I needed that.
 The book did spark some great discussion in the group, being about 3 sisters, so we got into sibling order and family dynamics. Another topic was that the book was written in 1st person plural which was a distraction for most of us. I just thought it was cumbersome until about half way through when you finally get used to it. Should you read it? It was thought to be a good pool read by some of the group or if you are one of 3 sisters it might appeal more to you. I would say if you need something to read and can borrow it or get it from the library yes, not a glowing recommendation really.  

Our book for next month is The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow. I'll have to miss our gathering next month because I'll be out of town. If anyone is interested I can have a guest member talk about the book or maybe I'll read something else 50 Shades of Grey anyone? 

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**nicke... said...

i started the girl who fell from the sky and i didn't finish it. are we seeing a pattern here? i think i was just done with books at that point and just wanted to sew. i think it is a good book and people seem to love it. 50 shades on the other hand... loved it. and my husband has never been happier! ;)