Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mailing Fun

One thing I love about swaps or giveaways is mailing away your gift. I think this started for me when I was little and my Granny taught me how to wrap presents. She always saved the special bows and ribbons and had a whole gift wrapping area set up in her studio just for the Holidays. I still try to teach my husband her methods every Christmas but he's wrapping dyslexic and ends up using way too much paper and tape. Of course I don't always have time to wrap what I'm sending but I at least tie it up with a cute selvage or strip of fabric. For mailing I started making envelopes when I didn't have one the right size. 

I start with a grocery bag cut to size and stitch it together. Sometimes I put a little tape on the corners to reinforce them but you really don't need to. For the labels I use some Lotta Jansdotter post-its I bought a few years ago and cover them with clear tape (after the address goes on). 


This is what I sent out to my partner Tacha for the Secret Santa Swap last Christmas.

This is what I received from Sarah look at all the amazing details in her wrapping. 

If I don't need to make an envelope I have this cute tape by petitcollage I get to play with. They sell the tape in Portland at Presents of Mind.

The flower is from my new Lotta stickers.

I have a pouch swap I'm finishing up and will get to wrap soon. Wouldn't you know it there are lots of fun groups on Flickr all about mail art if you want more inspiration. 



**nicke... said...

there is a group on flickr for everything and i want to be in them all! such a fun post! someday i will wrap something and send it to you! xo

Owl & Drum said...

Very creative wrapping indeed! It really is fun wrapping gifts. One of my favorite things about holidays and birthdays.

Valerie said...

I've never seen anything like it! What a special way to send gifts-makes whatever is inside all the sweeter! Great post:)

Elsa said...

What a great idea, thanks for the tip.
Petra, I have to say that everything you do is wonderful. Just love to see what you come up with next!