Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Creative Space...

One big change around here is above. I finally got up the nerve to change my blog over to the domain my husband bought for me for Christmas 1 and a half years ago. I know so lame I was scared to switch it over and then it took seriously 4 minutes to do. Blogger made it so easy. Next up is a re-haul of my studio!!

 My creative space this week was busy with a few really good days spent sewing and it seems like so long since that's happened. This is a fun little project I've been working on for a book review I'll be sharing next month. 

 Fun circles.

With bright colors.

Over tomorrow and the weekend I will be squeezing in everything I can before school is out. It always sneaks up on me and I have a million things to do!

How's your Creative Space? See more here.


Jacey said...

I think I'm close to doing that as well! Yay for a domain of your own! :)

I'm interested to hear more about your book review, too!

**nicke... said...

oh i love your circles! and look at you! you are a .com~! congrats! xo