Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning

One of these days I am going to get back to sewing I promise but my studio was such a mess I had to deal with it first! This week being one of only two weeks my kids will be in camp this summer I knew I had to take charge. 

Playing around with PicMonkey I put together some fun before and after photos.

 This one might not look that different but there is one important change.. I finally hung the iron holder I got at Ikea 18 months ago hooray!

The biggest change was getting rid of the pile up top and replacing it with a desk my husband didn't need. I am now typing away on my laptop at it instead of hunching over at the kitchen table. I also plan to use the desk for some new artistic endeavors. 

And there's nothing like having your stash all nice and tidy!

One thing I found going through old sketchbooks and journals was a self portrait of myself with my hand raised next to it I had written "Excuse me I have a question...... What am I doing? Where do I go now?" I think I wrote that 15 years ago but for the first time in awhile thanks to quilting I think I have a pretty good idea! 

Amy's gathering messy studio cleanups over at her blog stop by to see more!



handmadebytracie said...

Great transformation! It makes such a difference having an organized space to start with (and a bit messy while you're working). I think after a good physical clean it releases clutter/stress from your mind and helps creativity to flow. Even just going through your supplies and your stash makes you feel inspired! :)

Elsa said...

You've got a great space Petra! and have inspired me to straighten up mine ~ makes it hard to do anything in it when it's in such chaos.

Pétra said...

It's so true Tracie! The feng shui in the space is so much better as well.

Amy - Amy's Creative Side said...

I love your space Petra! Those few pieces you added are great additions too - happy creating :)

sew katie did said...

What a wonderful space and ready for creative energy to flow now!

Pétra said...

I definitely can feel the change! It's hard to remember when things are messy the difference it makes.

Jacey said...

You did a great job with your cleanup. Your studio looks great!