Monday, June 25, 2012

Stash Developments

It's been awhile since my last stash post but for good reason I've been abstaining from buying new fabric. When I first started quilting I only bought fabric for the project I was working on, crazy right?! I'd see fabric I liked but pass it by because I didn't have plans for it then I heard about a "stash" what is this? A hoard of fabric you have that's just stacked up on a shelf yes please! Of course I already had some leftover fabric from projects but I slowly started adding to it I don't think I went overboard but my piles grew. 
It's so handy to have fabrics at hand to use for swaps or filler when a project is missing something but I realized I had precious fabrics that were sitting around with nowhere to go. There were new fabrics I wanted to buy and use what would happen to these older ones? So maybe I was over thinking things but I decided to slow down on the fabric buying front for awhile. 

 Now 4 months later I finally couldn't hold out any longer and had to buy just a few things. First was a little pack from Kaelin's destash.There were a few of the fabrics in particular that I really wanted the others will just be handy to have around. 
The main fabric was this Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Forest Hills Voile that I needed for a project I've been planning. It's so soft I can't wait to make a Voile quilt!

 Then from Cool Cottons this little stack: top a little more Lotta Jans Dotter Echo and second from the bottom as well, Timeless Treasures Graph Paper in grey, Summersville, and then the bottom Essex Cotton/Linen, I have been waiting to get my hands on for awhile. 

Last my happiest purchase a complete don't have any plans but too cute to resist fabric is Cloud Nine's Monsterz Mash. 

So while I have been fine not buying fabric there's still an itch that needs to be scratched every once in awhile. What new fabric additions do you have?


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Jacey said...

I've also stashed some goodies lately! I love the Monsterz print you picked! I just got the yellow raindrop one this weekend at Whipstitch.