Friday, June 1, 2012

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Contest

Have you heard of Umbrella Prints? I found them in 2009 when I had first started blogging and made my second quilt from the good ol Quilts, BABY! Book (that's how I got into all this quilting business). Eventually I dug around a little and found their site and the beautiful fabrics they were printing. At the time I ordered one of their trimmings packs to play around with at home and had a lot of fun with it. For the past 3 years Umbrella Prints have been holding their Trimmings Competition and this is the first year I've managed to enter. Today the Pinning (voting) starts for the peoples choice. Head over to their Pinterest board to see all the entries and vote for your favorites. This year there will be prizes for the People's choice and Judge's choice. Honestly I would love your vote but I think it's more important you to vote for your favorite so poke around and see what you think. Keep reading to see how my runner came about. 
My pack
I made a Spring Runner (top) for our table with my pack. I started by laying out all the trimmings and moving them around to find the right balance. I added another tone of linen for some subtle depth and Cotton Couture Vanilla as a highlight. Other fabrics used are Heath in Green and Navy, green linen, and Kona Cotton in Aqua and maybe Mustard.

 For the quilting I chose to do really improvisational free motion sometimes highlighting different shapes. It was so fun and flew by. The final size of the runner is 14 by 45.

Did I mention Umbrella Prints makes a quilters weight cotton now as well as their screen printed works?! 
Have fun!


**nicke... said...

this is so beautiful petra! excellent work and your quilting is stunning! xo

Owl & Drum said...

Nice! I really like the quilting. You got my vote!

Jacey said...

I love it, love it, love it! I purchased a trimmings pack, but never managed to get something made. I love their fabrics, though, and I will definitely make the lovely scraps into something, eventually! Good luck!

Amy Prior said...

Oh the details are so beautiful up close! Thank you so much for joining our 'competition' this year....such a gorgeous creation. We hope to showcase your entry on our Facebook page was a shame we couldn't post up more than one pic on Pinterest for each entry but we can do that now :-)

Pétra said...

Amy thank you for featuring it. I had so much fun looking forward to next year!