Monday, August 6, 2012

A Voile Birthday Quilt

Whew what a trip! I am not sure how we packed so much into a week. Good news is I was able to finish my Birthday quilt just in the nick of time, oh what Birthday quilt you say? I was so busy trying to squeeze it in I didn't even get to tell you about it. It started with a pile of Voile I had been hoarding saving for awhile and ended with a marathon binding session. Our trip was to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Sacramento, attend their CD release party, and celebrate our 15th Anniversary. I don't really think Aunt is appropriate for Katie though because she's only 7 years older then me but she is turning 50 and my Uncle is turning 60 so of course I though I'll just whip up a little quilt for them. Here are some process photos.

Up on the design wall

Finished top at Guild meeting

Quilting with the walking foot

I used Quilters Dream Orient batting which has such a great weight

Back made with leftovers

If only I had my better camera

It's perfect with their new couch!

 The voile was the perfect choice because Katie and Richie have a cool vintage meets modern style and I think voile has a great vintage fabric feel. I had two weeks and spent most of the Sisters trip cutting fabric and then finishing the top in time for our guild meeting. Somehow I quilted it in a day with just simple random straight line quilting. The binding happened in the car thanks to my husband who drove the 9 1/2 hours on his own while I sat next to him sewing away. I seriously finished about 20 minutes from their house with only minimal hand cramping. A big thank you also goes to my son Avery for understanding one more delay in me finishing his quilt!

Quilt Stats 
  • Fabric: Anna Maria Horner Little Folks, Amy Butler Laurel Dots, Valori Wells from the Wrenley and Cocoon collections. Solids all Cotton Couture Orchid, Blossom, Aqua, and Khaki.
  • Size: 55" x 65"
  • Binding: C.C. Khaki
  • Batting: Quilters Dream Orient a blend of Silk, Bamboo, Tencil, and Cotton
  • Design: Me  
  • Working with Voile: I didn't have a hard time at all and I was expecting to. I think a walking foot is a must for quilting though. 
I had meant to make a quilt for myself with the voile and now I will definitely be making another one it finishes so soft and snuggly!  



Jacey said...

It's beautiful, Petra! That is such a great gift, and she looks so happy in the picture! I'm glad you guys had a fun trip.

arajane said...

ooh, so pretty! i love that seemingly random arrangement of the quilt top. it has great movement. and i, too, have a large stash of those anna maria horner little folks voiles that i've been hoarding for a quilt for myself. someday!

bloomingpoppies said...

What a pretty quilt! I love the photos of your top at an outside guild meeting. I keep thinking we need to be meeting outside at our meetings! Anyway, love the voile and what you did with it!

bloomingpoppies said...

Such a pretty quilt!! Love those voiles and your lively arrangement of them.

Pétra said...

Thank you! I can't wait to work with them again.

**nicke... said...

oooohhhh! i bet it feels like heaven! it's beautiful petra!