Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Book Club

This book is set post Rapture. It's a very intriguing idea and gives the author so many different scenarios to work with. Imagine one day half your family is gone or one child and one parent or what if your family is left whole. That's where this story begins. Set in one suburb it follows the different paths people take in the aftermath. What if people taken are from all religions, backgrounds, and maybe not always nice people. It shatters a lot of beliefs and leaves people struggling to figure out how to go on. We found out the book is meant to be a dark comedy but most of our book club didn't take it that way although there are funny parts. The writing was really good and we were all wrapped up in the characters. The author Tom Perrotta makes some really interesting choices by leaving the reader just as in the dark as the characters, you don't really know what or why it happened. We were all a little let down by the ending and left wanting more resolution but I feel like that goes along with the theme of the book. Why should he tie it all up for us when nobody really knows what's going to happen in a future that has experienced what could be the Rapture. Should you read it? I think so although it's definitely dark at times I found it really engrossing and you wont look at cigarettes the same way again. In a pole with our group though only 2 out of 9 said they would recommend it to someone so it's definitely not for everyone it's like the anti summer read. 

Next month we're reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. This is a non fiction book and looks to be a really good one!! 



**nicke... said...

now im intrigued! should i give it a go?

Pétra said...

I found it a really interesting scenario so I say yes even though I prefer my endings tied up with a little bow.

arajane said...

ooh, i'm still excited to read this, even though 7 of your book club members don't think i should! we read henrietta lacks last year in one of my book clubs and it was a great choice with lots of things to discuss. i had some issues with the book, but overall enjoyed it. have fun!

Elsa said...

I really enjoy books with a bit of the dark in them ~ I'll have to check this book out.