Friday, August 17, 2012

Chicken Update

It's been awhile but the chickens are still going strong. A few things I've learned once the thrill wears off. 

Out of the run enjoying the grass.

It's pretty easy! Besides cleaning out the hay every so often the daily maintenance is a piece of cake. 
The chickens really respond to us! When we've gone out of town egg production slacks off. We're not petting them or anything special but we spend a  little more time talking to them, or at least I do, and giving them scraps. 
Going out of town requires a good house/dog/fish/chicken sitter. Sometimes it's hard to find someone that can do it. I also find my husband constantly worrying the sitter will forget to put the chickens away at night. 
There are a lot of flies in the summer!! A LOT! We finally put up a fly bag it's gross but it's full of flies. 
This morning Coco was being really vocal because she didn't like it that we slept in and hadn't let her into the run. I was not happy! 
It's all worth it though not just having the eggs but the whole experience. 


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arajane said...

i would love to have chickens but my husband vetoed the idea. he is the keeper of our garden, and he pointed out how little room we already have. sigh. maybe someday, or i'll just continue to covet yours!