Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Need More Time?

I know I do especially this week when we're going on a trip next week right before school starts (mental note stop planning trips like this!). Well one thing that's been helping me so much with time are some techniques from Madame Samm. I know I've mentioned her before and if you still haven't visited her site you should. She's about sharing, teaching, and supporting quilters of all kinds and her time management tips have really hit home with me. So grab a timer, yes you'll need one, and see if it works for you. 
 Here is Madame Samm's part 2 if you want to continue.


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Amy Gibson said...

Petra- Thanks so much for the heads up about Madame Samm's post on getting more time out of your day- what good tips! I love the idea of the timer. Do you think she estimates the time when she makes the list, and allows herself that long to devote to it, or does she just time herself and then write it down after she's done the task? I was unclear on it from her post, but either way, sounds like a great idea, just to make a list of 3 things, and give yourself a specific amount of time to do it in! Will be putting this into action as soon as I get home. XO