Monday, September 24, 2012

Northwest Quilting Expo

Yesterday I left my kids alone for the first time for more then 30 minutes! It was a little nerve racking especially when they didn't answer the phone when I called to check in on them. Turns out they were too busy reading and the phone was downstairs. Why would I leave them alone? To go to a quilt show of course!

Here's our sign over Lisa Gile's beautiful quilt! Our guild had 33 quilts on display. The sad news is I had taken a ton of photos with my phone only to have my phone go into recovery mode when I tried an update later in the day. My phone wasn't having any problems (except the cracked glass of course) I didn't need it to go into recovery mode and the only solution was to restore to factory settings which meant I lost all my photos. Thankfully I had backed up everything else a few days before. These photos are courtesy of Susan Beal.  

Two of our Michael Miller Cotton Couture Challenge quilts my block is in the quilt on the right. I love Nancy's quilting on these.

 Here's a little group of guild members that met to see the show. 

While the show is mainly traditional quilts I think we all really can appreciate the skill that goes into them, get inspired, and learn. I hope some people were inspired by our quilts. There was also a beautiful display of 12" mini quilts/art quilts which I am sure will turn up on flickr. 
Have you been to a quilt show lately?


Valerie said...

How fun to see your work in a show! I have one in a show right now too, and will hopefully get to blog about it later this week:). And congrats on the kids handling some new freedom -another milestone!

2ndAvenueStudio-Rachel said...

wow - I totally missed it - looks like the meetup was fun..

Jacey said...

Exciting! I bet you were antsy when they didn't answer the phone, but it's great you got to go check out the show. I haven't been to a quilt show lately, but I'm getting excited about the big one next month!